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The BBC cannot see the difference between a criminal and a terrorist

Published on: Friday, 26th December 2008 00:00 AM     By      Administrator



December 14, 2008 18:10 IST

Last Updated: December 14, 2008 18:50 IST
The British Broadcasting Corporation, a state-sponsored but independently run, media organization has attracted sharp criticism for  having "double-standards" in its coverage of the Mumbai terror attacks. Most times the BBC reporters referred to the terrorists who attacked Mumbai as "gunmen" or "militants".

Well-known thinker and editor-in-chief ofCovert magazine, MJ Akbar has taken up the issue seriously. Since November 27, Akbar has refused to appear on BBC to speak about the Mumbai attacks.

Many British politicians have also taken up the issue with the BBC management. Steve Pound,a British Parliamentarian who represents North Ealing, has issued a strong statement against BBC's biased policy by saying that it was "the worst sort of mealy-mouthed posturing."