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Terrorist Or Militants?, Reuters and BBC's pretty obvious anti-india anti-hindu bias!

Published on: Thursday, 12th February 2009 07:53 AM     By      Administrator

Have you noticed a subtle pattern in BBC/Reuter's White Journalists' news or is it just us? these are the same species of people who are voting in hundreds to make a seemingly mediocre movie (by unbiased cinema standards, unreal script trying to show real india, shallow acting of adults) "Slumdog Millionaire" an Oscar Winner... We agree that the Small Kids have done a wonderful natural acting but isn't the acting in "taare zameen par" is even better? Apart from poor kids acting, rest everything in the movie seemed like it was sponsored by pakistan to put India in bad light... the exaggerated atrocities shown in movie are pitched as Real India.. one by one it was a volley of negative things about India... "WHO IN INDIA BEATS A YOUNG KID WITH HIS BOOTS (without any serious provocation) LIKE THE MAN WHO BEATS THE LEAD CHARACTER FAKING A TOUR GUIDE FOR AMERICAN TOURISTS?"  It was so highly dramatic and unreal for us, just like a typical bollywood movie, that its puzzling to hear about "realism" in movie..

Anyways these psychlogical pattern among white people's minds is more noticable in their coverage of Mumbai attacks and recent ram-sena valentine day issue. Just to get a grip on what we are talking read this first..

The BBC cannot see the difference between a criminal and a terrorist

And now read this

RSS plans cow urine drink to rival Western sodas 

"The organisation, which aims to transform India's secular society and establish the supremacy of a Hindu majority, said it had not decided on a name or a price for the drink."

and this

"The RSS was temporarily banned after a Hindu mob tore down a mosque in 1992 which lead to bloody religious riots."

What exactly is the context of this news article? cow urine drink right? then where is a justified need to blackpaint RSS here? We certainly don't adore RSS or support RSS at all. We are not even remotely concerned with their good activities (which hardly ever get a press coverage like Group marriages ofpoor gals whose families can't afford dowry, bringing back naive tribal people to hinduism who are routienly lured into christianity for a blanket and month's ration of rice) or bad activities (this needs no introductions, western or indian media can serve u a buffet dinner made of related news) but hey what would a normal susceptible non-Indian mind would think of RSS who happens to be the site's main audience! They are only told the bad side of story. Atleast the full form of RSS should be told to them so that they could use their own intelligence to question that the name certainly doesn't match the news coverage this organisation often gets.

We like balanced news. Tell us wrong and tell us right as well. Simple!

now read this - Kashmir violence drops further, but where’s the peace?

how cunningly a seemingly good news is given an eclipse-treatment in the article!

And now this - U.N. report says real risk of Indian religious strife

notice this

"It did not get great publicity but a recent U.N. report on religious freedom in India offers a stinging image of a country suffering from communal divisions and mob-inspired religious persecution. "  

Well till you and other India Haters are there my friend, these reports will get publicity always.  We wanted to laugh at the credibility of report when  we read this.

"The U.S. Special Rapporteur of religion or belief Asma Jahangir, a well-respected Pakistani human rights activist, travelled to India last March to prepare the report."

But the thing which irritated the hell out of us was this

"Last month Hindu militants attacked a bar and assaulted women in the city of Mangalore in the Hindu nationalist-run Karnataka state."

Militants? Are you serious guys? is this your definition of Militants? Comparing them (a few slaps and fists to alleged drug abusers including both guys and gals and hooligan style hand fight with unlicensed bar dancers) to taleban who actually kill women for unmasking their face. This is taleban -

The whole incident was over blown by media and politicized for vested interests..It was simply a clash between urban youth and conservative oldies..thats all! Would you call Indian Supreme Court too a "taleban outfit" because it defined "Hinduism - is a way of life of Indian people!" in its 1996 ruling!

and how on earth you call the mumbai attackers just "militants" and "gunmens" ? (read this) what part of word "terrorist" do you fail to understand..? Your paymaster in U.S. bombed a whole country in return for 9/11 terrorist attacks but for India's 11/26 you only have "gunmens" in your Dictionary..? for all your literary honours, why can't you compose an english sentence with "terrorists" and "Indian Soil" in it! 

And even for a second, assuming that they (mumbai attackers) can be called militants , how on earth will you justify putting the pub attackers with fists at par with mumbai attackers with AK 47s and Military Grade Grenades!

Why don't you say it in black and white, that you hate India and its progress! that you hate Indian Call Centers.. that you hate loosing jobs to Indians because your major population is dumb, fat & lazy and Indians are Intelligent and Hardworking!